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About Jonathon

I owe everything I am, and who I have become to the incredible opportunities that our South Florida community has given me. Now I want to ensure that everyone in our State has access to these same opportunities. We should all be able to find a good paying job, have access to affordable healthcare, and obtain a good public education that promotes our social mobility.

I do not have the typical background that one might think would be running for the Florida House of Representatives. I grew up in poverty and living in low income government housing. My family relied on food stamps and public assistance. I took my first job when I was twelve years old to begin saving for college. I was determined to have a better life.

I dove into my education and was the first in my family to graduate from college. Later, I went on to work in higher education administration at several colleges and universities. I have had the honor of working as the Director of Student Affairs at Nova Southeastern University for the past ten years. Everyday, I see the hardship of college students struggling to pay tuition and pay back their student loans. These experiences have prepared me to tackle the issue of college affordability and access for our students. 

Previously, I served on the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Services Advisory Board; where we were responsible for allocating nearly six million dollars in federal funds annually to community agencies that supported programs ranging from homelessness prevention to afterschool mentoring. I also served as a Vice President for my neighborhood association listening to my neighbors and advocating for them. All of these experiences have given me a worldview that is sensitive to the needs of working people living in our community. People whose voices  have been drowned out by corporate money and special interests in Tallahassee.

My life has always been about beating the odds; and now I want to remove the barriers facing others. I know what it is like to work hard to make a living. I understand the impossible task of paying bills on minimum wage. I want to help build a Florida that's works for everyone and not just wealthy corporations or the well connected. I will be an advocate for working people who serve their community with dignity and respect everyday.

As a lifelong Democrat living in District 93, I know the incredible potential that we have to be the leaders in our State. Together we can transform Florida by raising our minimum wage, combating climate change, re-investing in public education, and creating more economic opportunity for ALL!


"Fearless For You"

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