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I am committed to progressive ideas that will improve the quality of life for everyone living in District 93. Here are some of the issues that matter most to me.

Climate Change & Environmental Protection

I have seen dramatic changes in our climate, weather and water resources here in South Florida over the last ten years. While living in downtown Fort Lauderdale I personally witnessed "King Tides" where water from canals came close to flooding my property and devastating the lives of many on my street. Sadly, our State legislature has remained largely silent and dismissive of the reality of climate change in Florida. We in East Broward know all too well the very real dangers of rising sea levels in our community. I dread to think what might happen after our next massive hurricane if we do not take action now and create a strategy for addressing climate change in our District and State.

Our State legislature in collaboration with our county and local cities must put aside funds to make the infrastructure changes needed to prevent future flooding disasters by reinforcing our sea walls and replacing our beach erosion. We also need a fund created to assist homeowners in replacing and reinforcing their sea walls to prevent large scale flooding disasters in the future. There are many who live in our District on waterways that do not have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it will take to repair these sea walls on their own.

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful natural resources in the world and we must work hard to protect our environment from the dangerous practice of Fracking. This practice will only increase the rate at which we are seeing sinkholes developing across our state. I also do not believe that we have seen the last of the dangerous toxic algae blooms that appeared in our state's fresh drinking water. I will work with the legislature to create a comprehensive plan to address this threat to our water resources.

Invest in our Roads, Infrastructure and Public Transit

We have all felt the pain and frustration of our daily traffic jams in East Broward. A growing population of residents and lack of access to reliable public transportation has created a congested traffic nightmare in our District. I will advocate in the State of Florida for much needed funds to improve our roads, bridges and highways. I will also work with Broward County and advocate to improve our county wide bus system by adding more buses and maintaining better operations of our buses. Many people that I have talked to have shared that our Broward Bus System is not reliable or appealing to ride. Our citizens deserve to have access to reliable public transportation!

Living Wage

No one working 40 hours or more a week should find themselves unable to afford their basic needs--housing, utilities and food. Sadly, all too often I have personally met friends and family members who are employed full time in minimum wage jobs and are still not able to afford their most basic living expenses. Our current Florida minimum wage and sky rocketing housing prices in South Florida have left many of our fellow Floridians behind unable to make ends meet. I will be a champion for raising the Florida minimum wage in the Florida House.

We must also find ways to encourage corporations to share profits with their employees. We know that when employees are invested in their companies they perform at higher levels.

Finally, we need to solidify our tourism and hospitality industries as a niche in South Florida. We can partner with higher education institutions to professionalize these industries and improve the quality of services provided. This in turn would create a demand for hospitality professionals in our area raising wages.

Affordable Housing

The housing boom in Broward County, especially East Broward has created a surplus of luxury high rise rental property that is out of the financial reach of most working class people in our District. We must incentivize housing developers to build units that working class average income persons can afford, especially single people. With the population of Broward County expected to continue growing, the need for these affordable housing units will be essential.   

Support for Public Education & Teachers

The basic right to a quality free public education has always been sacred in our country. However, today public schools are under attack by many in the state legislature. I will fight to make sure our public schools have the funding and resources needed to educate our future generations of students. We need to build a culture of respect towards our Teachers. We must also compensate them with competitive pay and professional development opportunities. Being a teacher in Florida should be considered a point of pride and admiration!

The overuse of testing and accountability measures tied to funding have left our public schools drained, depressed and failing. Giving a school a grade of "F" does nothing to increase the moral of teachers, staff and students. Yes we need accountability in our schools, but we also need support and resources to get results.  

Schools should have a diverse curriculum that meets the lifelong learning needs of students. These extreme testing requirements have stripped our school system of personal development time for students and learning in areas of the arts, civics and practical skills. If we want whole complete citizens then we need holistic education for our students! 

LGBT Equality

In building a future we can ALL be proud of, we must ensure that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citizens in Florida are protected from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. I will sponsor and support legislation that provides equal protections under the law for LGBT persons and their families.

We must affirm the dignity of transgender students by allowing them to use restroom facilities that match their expressed gender identity. When a transgender person walks into a restroom, they are the most vulnerable person in that room. They need our protection. 

Women's Rights & Equal Pay

I believe that women should be in charge of making decisions regarding their bodies in consultation with their doctors. The State of Florida has no business regulating their bodies or mandating their healthcare decisions. I fully support the good work that organizations like Planned Parenthood have done to empower women and families with family planning resources. We are seeing one of the lowest record abortion rates in recent history thanks to the hard work of Planned Parenthood and the education they provide to women.

Women deserve access to employment in all areas and equal pay for their work. I will support measures in the State legislature to ensure that women are paid fairly and are supported in the workplace to advance their careers while raising a family.

Access to Affordable Child Care

More than ever before women with children are working full time and need access to quality, affordable childcare that meets their family's needs. I will advocate for women and families to have access to this childcare. We can accomplish this by offering companies incentives to provide childcare at work and support women with flexible schedules. I also believe that women should not be penalized at work for having a baby and support the expansion of paid family leave in our state to All workers.

In the future, I believe that our public education system must expand to support the needs of early childhood education and working women with young children, especially single moms. Women must have access to affordable childcare early in their children's lives in order to work and provide for their families. We know that women who are able to work are more likely to stay out of poverty. 

War on Addiction & Access to Mental Health Resources

In the 1980's our government was misguided in its "War On Drugs", leaving many people suffering from addiction and trapped in our criminal justice system with no support. Today, I believe that we have an epidemic of addiction as a disease in our State. If this were anything like a flu it would be a statewide emergency. We must transform our thinking about addiction and see it as a major health concern in our community. I am committed to waging a healing war on addiction. I want to pull together the leaders in this area in our state and begin to create a strategy for policy development. We can trace the roots of many of our social ills like crime and poverty to substance abuse. I want to lead in this area by removing the stigma and providing communities with the resources that they need to battle addiction. Early education programs in our schools, churches and community centers will be essential in this process.

In addition, we must build a culture in our state that respects the work of mental health counselors and encourages people to reach out for help. We must work with our communities to support organizations that offer free or low cost mental health services. Many have shared with me that their health insurance policies do not currently cover mental health services or their co-pays for these services are too high to afford treatment. This needs to change. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Floridians are spending millions of dollars each year housing other citizens in overcrowded public and private prisons. Most of these prisoners are there because of drug related charges and crimes stemming from their addiction issues. We must ensure that our "War on Addiction" works to keep more of our citizens out of the criminal justice system and into drug treatment.

We must also address the fact that African American and Latino men are disproportionately imprisoned in our criminal justice system. Addressing the root causes of this inequality will be required to solve this problem. We must examine community policing practices and build a consensus about which practices work best in ensuring every citizen is treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnicity in our criminal justice system. We also need to build a stronger sense of trust and respect between the police and the communities they serve.

Open Primaries in Florida

I have met too many independent voters in our community who tell me that they feel disenfranchised and disconnected from our political process; because they cannot vote in our primary elections. Many of these voters have become disgusted at the state of politics in our State and have decided to not affiliate with any political party. These folks still deserve representation in our democracy. I will sponsor a bill to allow registered independent voters to cast a vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries. In any election, these voters will find themselves leaning towards one party's candidate or another; and they should have a say in the primary of their choosing. I will advocate to open the primaries in our State and give them back their voice. By doing this we will heal voter apathy and get people excited about our elections again!  

Paid for by Jonathon May, Democrat for Florida House District 93

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